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Migrating to v2.0


  • The cache has been removed. When you call client.get_XYZ, you can guarantee that you'll always get a new object. Keep this in mind.
  • The events system has been removed. The polling behavior was hard to maintain and is out of scope for this project.
  •'s gamepersistence system has been removed. It may be added in the future.
  •'s trade system has been removed. We have no plans to reimplement it.
  •'s SignalR-based notification system has been removed. It is out of scope for this project but may be added later as an extension.
  • Client.filter_text() has been removed. It may be added back in the future.
  • Client.get_game_by_place_id() and Client.get_game_by_universe_id() have been removed. Instead, use Client.get_place() and Client.get_universe().
  • The captcha system has been removed, along with methods that used it, including Client.user_login() and Client.get_captcha_metadata().
  • Client.secure_sign_out() has been removed.
  • All singular Client methods, like get_user(), raise new errors. See Error handling.
  • BaseGroup.get_member() now returns an abstract MemberRelationship representing the relationship between a group and a user. For this reason, it is no longer a coroutine. BaseGroup.get_member_by_username is still a coroutine.
  • The thumbnail system has been rewritten. For this reason, BaseUser.thumbnails no longer exists and you should use Client.thumbnails or BaseXYZ.get_thumbnail methods.
  • Client.get_self() is now Client.get_authenticated_user().
  • The way objects were structured in has changed. In the past, objects would be responsible for their own requests with an update method - now they take in data and parse it. If your code ever calls .update, please change it to instead grab the object again with Client.get_XYZ().